Featured Copper Awnings

An awning also known as overhang is said to be a covering that is attached to the buildings on the exterior side. They may be above doors, windows or space which is along a sidewalk. These awnings can be converted into a canopy if columns are added to it and then it can be extended further away from a structure or building. This can be seen mostly while entering hotels or in restaurants where outdoor events take place.

They are made up of materials like vinyl, polyester and copper. Usually they are made up of canvas that is made up of cotton, acrylic, vinyl or polyester which is evenly and tightly spread over a structure made up of steel, iron or aluminum. Some awnings are made up of aluminum sheets that are well attached to an aluminum structure.

There are two different kinds of awnings – one which can be operated manually while the other which uses electricity. The manual ones are generally cheaper, easy to fix and can be supported using arms that are attached to the wall at a particular angle. These arms are strong and give enough support during rough and windy climates. The other ones which are operated using electricity do not have vertical supports. On the other hand they have lateral arms which retract thereby creating an undisturbed shaded area. They can be easily started using wall mounted switches or remote controls which are wireless. Nowadays some of the awnings come with wind sensors that retract automatically in specific weather conditions.

Copper awnings are also used for windows and doors and made up of copper which stands as a very good material to be used outside. They are durable, waterproof and sturdy and can withstand all types of weather conditions and are available as entry, round, sweep and custom copper. The awnings used in the entrance in a canopy style are considered to be great entrances.

They are usually extended to a certain length to provide shade and also protect the entrance from getting dirty from winds or rains. The sweep awnings which are made of copper are mostly found above doors so that the water falls a little away from the entrance and thus the area near the door does not become dirty. Out of all these the round ones are a classic since years. Some of them are also customized according to the needs of the buyer and the place like those of Tuscan awnings which are a perfect blend of function and beauty. Some of them may come with simple designs while some may be artistic.